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{book love} Saving our hearts – Velvet Reed

27739172When your whole world shatters and time stands still, recovery is never easy. Plans and dreams, ripped apart now seem impossible and finding a steady rhythm for your beating heart seems unattainable.

Cole Tierney and Grace Rivers had a bright, uncomplicated future ahead of them, but the accident changed that. In the aftermath, there are wide reaching consequences, not only for Cole and Grace, but their loved ones too.

Only together can they battle to survive the impact. Is it enough for them to heal and fight for their future?

With just one glimmer of hope before them, will a small miracle have the strength to save their hearts?

** This book is NOT a standalone. The series NEEDS be read in order to fully understand the story.**

I really adore Cole and Grace’s passion and love for each other and with book 1 being a cliffhanger I seriously HAD to quickly grab up book two and carry on with their story. Saving Our Hearts picks up right after The Rhythm of My Heart that had us left heartbroken at the end, this one puts our heart back together again and quickly let’s us know what happened to Grace and the baby.

I don’t want to give away what happens but this book is amazing. Quite a few of the questions we were left with in book one are answered and the supporting characters and chapters from their view points are extremely well written, some people have a problem switching between characters but Reed has it nailed.

Just like the first book there’s language and some seriously hot sex scenes so it’s age restricted or at least age advised.

I thoroughly enjoyed this one and I can’t wait to read book 3 which is out on December 10th. You can pre-order it here: Amazon and Barnes and Noble

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