[book love] Hooked on Mandalas by Haafner Linssen

Random Struik (aka Penguin books) sent me a copy of Haafner Linssen‘s “Hooked on Mandalas” and man oh man I am hooked (see what I did there, haha). 

It arrived yesterday morning and the first thing I did was send The Person photos of some of the ones I thought he’d like then headed to thimbles to stock up on some Vinnis Colours 100% cotton so I can turn the Mandala he chose into a blanket for really close old time friends of his who are helping a soul into the world. 


His friends are REALLY big into the whole natural vibe (like him – I date a hippy and I aspire to be like them) which means that a mandala for baby B is absolutely perfect and cotton or bamboo is obviously a must. The baby shower is on the 2nd so I don’t really have time to order online and wait for it to arrive which of course would have cut the price of the blanket in half because it’s SO much cheaper (R10 a ball cheaper!!!) hence the trip out to Durbanville to get it ASAP and get started. 


It’s GORGEOUS right?! How are those colours with that pattern?

The only issue I’m facing is that Haafner designed the patterns to kinda be as they are and they aren’t really meant to be made bigger/altered (aka rows added like I’m trying to do) particularly not the scallop one I’m doing so I followed her pattern up to row 10 (next was edging to finish it off) and then started making it up row by row as I go along. It’s doing my head in and I’m pulling out stitches a lot so am glad that I started now already as I’m doing it in between other projects. I did ask her for help but she wasn’t really able to give much guidance and kinda just wished me luck. Which is cool, I get it, her pattern was meant to be used as it is. Had I made it with tyarn and a large hook it’d have been bigger but of course I have to be difficult and challenge myself.

There are 30 gorgeous designs and am really keen to make some more of them. Already decided to get some tyarn and then make mama a Mandala meditation mat for her birthday in June. She also has a few project ideas listed as to what you can make with them (yes there’s a blanket but it’s not what I wanted) like a bag, scarf, etc.

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