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Blue hair please mom

I did my hair today, well I redid the colour that had faded and Fysh insisted we do his blue again. 

The past while I’ve sort of convinced him to keep his blonde locks blonde because it looks amazing done up in viking braids. 

Well today he pulled the “you say people should be able to look how they want to.I want blue hair, I like it blue” and of course I can’t exactly say no because that would make me a hypocrite considering I feel more natural, confident and myself with my hair like this. 

I love that he knows what he wants and that he stands up for himself against small minded people teasing him about his hair. He’s adamant that this is what he wants. I thought maybe I was projecting and he was only doing it to make me happy but I offered to cut it for him on Monday… I was given a death glare and told that if I dared cut it he would never talk to me again. 

I think it helps that he’s grown up knowing men with both shaved hair and well as long hair. He admires my tattoo artist and his long hair and he knows that The Person had long hair when he was younger (he looked like a Hanson brother!) and it makes him more confident in his choice. 

Maybe he’ll grow out of it, maybe he’ll want to shave it off. Whatever he decides it’s his hair and he has to live with it and I’ll support that. Unless he wants a mullet. I draw the line there. 
*** his hair is naturally light so we don’t go near it with peroxide or any chemicals, we even use sulfate free shampoo. Our hair is stained with kungu and it washes out over time. 

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