black cats and voodoo dolls

It’s Friday the 13th and I know a lot of people think it’s bad luck or whatever. To me it’s another day, although I’ll admit that this morning did actually start off crappy though, my housemate had to put his 18 year old cat down today as he had a stroke and can’t walk anymore. It’s horrible, he rescued Michael when he was in a car accident and he was about 3 (the cat). Michael is/was 18 this year so it’s really crappy :(

Anyway, I realised that although Friday the 13th isn’t a superstition I have there are definitely a few that I do so seeing as today is today I though I’d share some of my quirky and irrational superstitions :)

Find a penny, pick it up, all day long you’ll have good luck!
So am sure most of you know this one, BUT I do have a quirk here, it’s only lucky if it’s heads up so if it’s tails up you have to flip it over and leave it for the next one. Also, you aren’t allowed to keep a coin you’ve picked up you have to pass on the luck.

Avoid the ladder
I was told this as a kid and I know it was just so I don’t knock the ladder down while someone is on it but I still stay clear of them and I will walk on the other side of the road if there’s scaffolding.

Bad luck comes in threes
Yup, am sure this is caused by thoughts though but it still seems to be true though.

I never believed this but I thought back on it the other day… I shattered a mirror for art class in Matric and low and behold the next 7 years of relationships were utter crap and only after that I met The Person. So hey… don’t go breaking any mirrors!

Knock on wood
I have always done this since someone told me about it. I actually wear a  slice of wood as a pendant made by an old tribal indian. Just in case I’m somewhere there isn’t wood.

Come on, we’ve all done this right? Every time we got a chicken we used to pull the wishbone and the one that gets the bigger part makes the wish. I have a wishbone pendant as well :)

No hats or umbrellas in the house
Another thing my mother instilled in me. I always laughed at it but obliged until the one day my stepdad wore his hat inside and then the movers damaged the very expensive sleeper wood cabinet!

You don’t gift anyone pearls or carnations. 
Pearls bring tears. Always buy them for yourself. And carnations mean you’re going to have an argument. I’ve seen both these “proved” so yeah… don’t give me either please.

Touching a horse shoe before a ride out
It’s an old tradition but after I did it I won my jumping category and thus it became a thing.

Never whistle on a yacht. 
You’ll bring horrible winds and a bad trip. DON’T DO IT. My dad threatened to throw me overboard as a kid. Also you never start a sailing trip on a Sunday or on the last day of the month.

I have several more but am sure you don’t want to know about those hahaha.

Do you have any? 

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