It’s big and um blue… It’s big blue!

Have you heard of Big Blue yet? Maybe popped into their store and lusted over all the pretties? I have. Actually The Person introduced me to them when we took that train trip up to Pretoria and he bought me the most gorgeous skirt, I just love it. It’s a stunning green with a pattern and it’s heavy so it sits lovely and doesn’t blow all over in the Cape Town summer winds.

Well, they have an online store! So you don’t have to wander into a mall and brave all those shoppers and their slow walking habits or disorganized dangerous interesting trolley driving. Score!

I’ve always been hesitant to buy clothes online though, mainly because I am sort of oddly built – my shoulders are rather large and my hips are small so for things to fit both up and down they usually need to be taken in. But they have a great sizing chart that shows measurements so checking if it’s going to fit is a little easier, not 100% of course but a lot better than the close your eyes and hope a large is actually a large guess work you have to do with most stores. So I braved it and ordered a dress shirt that I thought would be perfect for my new wardrobe (It’s rather subdued compared to what it used to be, more grown-up I guess? The hair will never be boring though you can at least count on that) 


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My shirt arrived the next day. THE NEXT DAY! I do so love great service. I put it on and hey, it fit! It fits just a little snug over the boobage area because I was first on that bus so I wear a strapless grey top under it and just leave the top two buttons un-done. The bonus? It has pockets ;)

There was one thin/light 3 quarter top thing left and in my size so I nabbed that one up as well. This one is definitely not as subdued though hahaha but it’ll be a nice accessory for when I just need an extra little pop of color. Although I think I’m going to wait until I’ve lost a few more cm’s simply because I’m still self conscious about how much weight I put on over the past two years.

And don’t miss out on the fact that they have a fantastic gift section! There are lots of odds and ends and thingamajigs under R100 that are perfect for either stocking stuffers or those people you just don’t know what to buy for. They also have giant garden games that I think I need to get for summer, I have my eye on the checkers one for our camping trip, I can see Fysh and I having fun with it. I popped a few unicorn things into the cart because unicorns duh.

Big Blue have an easy to use website which does make shopping easier. The only critique I have though is that there is no cache on the site so if you go out your saved cart is empty again. So make your choice and stick with it :P

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