Bedtime stories with the Goodness Gang

When the Goodness Gang came out I told y’all how much we loved them and that hasn’t changed. Fysh has collected almost each of the gang, just not the carrot – said he looked angry haha. I still love how they promote healthy eating and make it more fun because let’s face it, not all kids think broccoli and sweet potato make good movie time snack like mine does.

Tomorrow is the last day to collect stickers so we did groceries yesterday to fetch Adam Apple and Bongi Blueberry then snuggled into bed with the new goodness gang bedtime stories. Yep, you read right! We might not be able to collect them for much longer but their message will carry on with adorable bedtime stories! And adorable they are :)

The stories are short easy reads, perfect for your kidlet to read to you if they’re old enough to and they’re adorable and brightly illustrated. Each story part comes with 2 colouring-in pictures for you the kids to enjoy.

My favorite was part 3, you’ll see why when you read it and 5 was too cute with those illustrations but Fysh says that he likes the 4th one best and we should go do what Betti and Pumi are doing…

If you want to read them you just need to head on over to the Food Lovers Website and sign up and tada you’ll get them to your inbox so you can either read them online or you can download and print them :)

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