because MERMAIDS!

I love mermaids, always wanted to be one since I was a little girl. Never felt like I belonged anywhere but out at sea… I’m comfortable out there. Might have something to do with my dad being a skipper and taking me out on the water from a few weeks old but I say it’s cause I’m sure I’m descendant from mermaids. I am. I swear!

Since I don’t have a tail and fin I decided on the next best thing… a blanket that turns me into a mermaid! Cause you know, then I can be a mermaid whenever I want and not just when I’m in the pool or river letting my long blue hair halo around me.

I made one for Fysh and I’ve been hooked (haha, ‘scuse the pun) on making them since to the point where I’ve made a few with random yarn in my stash box and as it turns out people actually kinda like them and have bought the random stash ones and I have one heading to the UK tomorrow and another off to Canada!

They’re pricey to make cause yarn isn’t cheap so they are a little ish on the budget but they totes make awesome gifts to your kids, friends and even yourself! So if you want one shout. I’m sorted for all the baby showers and birthdays happening next year ;) Am considering setting up an etsy shop but I don’t know yet. Not sure if they’re viable to make in “mass production” but they’re fun and I think I’ll take orders as they come in.

How cute does Fysh look as a merman?! (This is the adult size one in a chunky wool) He’s decided he wants an orange one (gross but okay) but am thinking of making him a shark one instead. Might even have enough time to make one for him in time for xmas.

mermaid blanket

Here’s a newborn one I did last night. It’s in a thin baby wool so it’s not thick and chunky, can be used for props or just a pretty blanket :) These are a little longer to make and kinda hurt my hands for some reason but still fun, and oh so damn cute!


And this is the “summer” blanket, made from thinner yarn so it’s not thick and chunky and heavy like the one Fysh has in the first photo.

summer mermaid blanket

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