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beautiful food, on a budget

Yesterday the Today team dropped off a box with 3 everyday ingredients for me to use to create a puff pastry masterpiece. The challenge was to create beautiful food, on a budget. I was free to add or remove anything that will give my creation the edge it needs to trump the other bloggers who they’ve also tasked with this challenge.


I decided to use exactly what they gave me, mainly cause I still don’t have my car and the thought of heading to the shop on crutches isn’t all that pleasant. (I impaled my foot on a stick, long story.) So here is my recipe and damn it was yummy!

Butternut pastries:

First up defrost some frozen puff pastry dough and preheat your oven to 200°C.
Cook a butternut squash (I use my steamer) and caramelise a chopped onion. And then mix the two together. Add some sage if you have. 
Cut your puff pastry into squares. Size kinda depends on you really, if you want big pie like pasties or smaller finger foods sizes. 
Pile the butternut/onion mix sort of in a corner of the square but stay away from the edges. 
Fold the pastry in half (so it’s a triangle) and seal the edges with a fork.
Scramble an egg in a side bowl and brush it over the pastries. Also poke a fork into the top of the pastries to let steam out while they bake.
Bake your pastries for 15 minutes until they are golden brown.

Fysh finished off two and they were fairly well sized then asked for more but I’d only made 4 whoops!

Also, excuse the crappy photos, I’ve photographed a top billing wedding and yet I can’t master food photography (or anything that’s not people which is really ironic if you know me well) plus I’ve misplaced my cameras charger again.

**You could also add in chicken pieces cut into little chunks or mince or feta or whatever you like really which would make it bulkier/filling and more pie-like but I didn’t have any. 

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