cupcake gets fit

banting and boxing

On sunday evening we were standing at the front of the line ordering pizza (I know I know, moment of weakness) and The Person punched me on the shoulder (it’s something I always do when I get bored and it looks like he’s picked up on it) so I punched him back and he punched me back and so it went, progressively getting harder with each punch until I gave it a little more force than I usually do. My punch ended the play fight. My bad.

So what does he do? He goes out and buys me a boxing bag with weighted gloves then installs it in my car port so that I now have a bag at home I can take all my frustrations and pent up energy out on. Because his words “you’re a happier person when you’re boxing” and he’s right, I love it, it’s definitely a happy place for me but I haven’t been able to afford the gym fees to attend classes every month so I’ve gotten fat and lazy and with every kg I put on I hate myself a little more and become a little less happy.

The amazing thing is that he’s been supportive the whole way and even though I put on all the weight i lost last year he hasn’t complained so I’m hitting the bag partly for him and mostly for me. I want to find that happy space again.

I’ve also decided I’m going to give this banting thing or LCHF (i don’t know if there’s a difference or not, whatever) a try seeing as i see it working for so many of my friends. I attended a talk where they help you introduce LCHF lifestyle into the whole family including the kids into it and got an awesome recipe book (I have one to giveaway soon!) which I started using and Fysh loved the one so much he had seconds and asked me to make it again the next evening! So hey, maybe we can do this. I’ve weighed myself (and died of disgust) but am on a mission now. So this is me, I have a boxing bag and am banting. Who am I even?

Are you banting or LCHFing? Any tips or tricks or advice for me?

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