I mentioned vaguely that I’m going to be attempting a 365 project in 2017. It’s two days to go and I’m starting to wonder if I’m setting myself up for failure. Either way, I’m obviously going to try my absolute best NOT to fail.

I’ll be doing a mix of art styles for the project dependant on my mood at that particular time. Art is therapy for me after all. I was going to do a structured weekly theme and maybe I’ll try stick with that but I’ll probably just wing it.

I’d really love to exhibit these at some point. Maybe when I have 100 which is in April around my birthday but I guess we’ll see what the future holds.


Each will be done on my favourite multi media paper. I was going to do A5 or A4 which occasionally might be easier cause sometimes small can be more tricky and maybe one or two I’ll do big but psychologically A6 just feels like it would be quicker and easier so that’s what I’m going with.

The originals won’t be up for grabs in case I do exhibit but each image will be available as a print as of the end of it’s week or maybe monthly. I’ll see which one I can manage better with working for an Australian company at the same time.

Your support is always appreciated and will help make this project possible so if you see something a friend might like please share it with them or tag them in it.

I’ll mainly be posting on @charliefoxtrotillustration instagram, Charlie Foxtrot Illustrations Facebook, my Patreon page. But I’ll do a monthly recap on cupcake and fysh for those who miss it.