Assignments and statistics

I have a module this semester that seriously sucks, I know that last semester I said that Business English is the worst but I’d do it again if I could give Social Dimensions of Justice back! It’s made up of long essay assignments where most of the questions are things like “your opinion”, how in the world do you get marked for those questions anyway?

Yesterday’s assignment was about IPV (intimate partner violence) and the   implications of it on the police, courts and correctional services. It required me to read statistics and briefs, I still don’t know if what I submitted was close to what was wanted as I’m not 100% sure I understood what they wanted but I at least got it in on time.

One in every four women is physically abused by her intimate partner. Every six hours, a woman is killed by her current or former intimate partner.

It makes me want to vomit and it reminds me why I am studying this even though having to read it makes my stomach knot. I might not end it and I might just be one person in a giant ocean but when you read the statistics like you realize just why the #metoo and other movements are so damn important.

South Africa has the highest rate of women killed by their intimate partner in the world despite various interventions such as the Sixteen Days of Activism of No Violence Against Women and Children campaign each year from late November to mid-December. In fact, 17 years since its inception in 1998, fifty percent of the women murdered in South Africa are still killed by someone with whom they have an intimate relationship.

Is it sad that this makes me really glad I’m raising a son instead of a daughter? It’s easier to teach my son that no means no and to respect women than it is to teach a daughter that she always needs to be vigilant.

And because I plan on doing my masters in criminal psychology it means I’m going to be enveloped in this forever, I don’t think I thought this through properly but then again someone has to stand up and profile the baddies. And why not someone who survived shit like this right?