Arting and mental health 

polymer bookmarks

I’ve been trying to find myself lately. Like really me you know? And at the same time find a niche for myself in the at world that will help pay the bills. Work wise I’ve been all over the map but pretty unsuccessful and I am SO bad at sticking at something for a prolonged period of time. I always fall back on making things though and people seem to like the things I make. 

But again I get bored even with art so I’m always needing too bloody challenge myself with new things and new materials. Most recently I’ve started faffing around with polymer clay and I’ve been making Book Guardians, they’re adorable if I do say so myself. Just thought I’d share with you… 

Just another fun day in my head and what is like to be me! Thankfully I think I am starting to find my niche and my happy place and I’ll share that with you soon. Hopefully!!! 

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