around the mountain and through the woods

Usually The Person and I alternate weekends between myself and him but the past 2/3 months he’s been every weekend cause we have the pool and with it being so hot it needs work, also it’s here to swim in and cool down where as at him we just melt haha. But with working at home, teaching at home and spending weekends at home I’ve developed a case of cabin fever and have even taken to moving everything into the lounge just so I have a “change of scenery” from my desk.

Last year a “tradition” started that Fysh goes to granny on a Friday and sleeps over when we’re this side for the weekend which of course he ADORES and gives me a little break particularly now that I’m mama AND teacher. This weekend he somehow managed to convince granny that he can sleep there all weekend and only get dropped off today. Part of me feels guilty for enjoying the break but The Person says I shouldn’t cause every one needs a break now and then. Still.

feet carYesterday we did the whole sleep in till 8 thing – it was bliss – and then we stayed in bed till around 9 and I only got up cause a friend popped round for coffee when she dropped off something. Once she left I just decided Fuck it. I can’t stay at home today and we need to get out even if we just walk to the park. So we got in the car and drove. No plans, no destination just a mission to drive. We ended up missioning through town over the mountain through Camps Bay and on to Hout Bay, we debated stopping off at Sandy Bay but we were hungry and there’s nowhere to eat in Llandudno so gave it a miss and instead decided the Hout Bay harbour market would be a great idea until I realised it would be jam packed and I am highly over sensitive to any noise and sound at the moment. So we went round the circle a few times then decided to head over Chapman’s peak to collect some mountain water and eat in Noordhoek – HUGE NB! It’s now R40 for a car to do the drive (yes… FOUR ZERO!) and also all the waterfalls are bone dry, not even a hint of wet.

A lazy lunch at the Red Herring and then the trip back home cause we both needed a nap.

And the rest of it was spent reading, watching bad female stand up and just some “us” time which was great.

My meds aren’t working as they should at the moment, they’re kinda not working at all – I actually feel like I’m not on anything – so the past week or two has been a real nightmare for me. Migraines and over sensitivity, feeling helpless and like I’m simply an observer on the side lines. I’ll sit tomorrow and try type it out. For now I just want to go hide inside a book that has a happy ending.

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