are you a reader? I need you!

I’ve been blogging for 10 years (joh!) this year and 5 of those ten years I’ve been doing book reviews. In that time I’ve made really great friends and a lot of those friends are authors. When you get to really know published authors you get to learn all about the stuff that readers don’t know they worry about like how much they actually make on a book, the publish process and then their biggest deal > trying to get readers to actually leave reviews.

And that’s where you are going to come in. Reviews (particularly on Amazon) are like diamonds to an author and as such I did a little research and decided to put my blogging knowledge, social influence and intimidation qualities to good use. I have the skills so I may as well help the people that have helped me get through some really dark times in life. Because let’s be honest, the best place to hide and escape from reality is in a good book.

So my big plan is that instead of an author having to do all the work of sending out books to people and then hoping and praying that they actually get a review out of it those authors are going to come to me (cause I’m that awesome) and they’re going to give me ebook copies of the book they would love reviews on and I am going to give it to you for free!

BUT!!! As we know nothing in life is truly free so yes there is a catch. You HAVE to leave a review. You need to leave an Amazon review as well as one more of your choice (blog, goodreads, etc) and though you aren’t obligated it would be awesome if you posted a pic to instagram or tweeted a link because I know that authors LOVE to share those (which means you get a little love in return).

How it’s going to work…

If you’re keen to join in just fill out the sign up form and you’ll get sent an email when there is a new book available, if you would like to read it then you let me know and I send it through to you. You get 40 days to read it and get that review up and I am warning you now that I will hound you for it. Three strikes and you’re off the list. Bash an author or a book and you are immediately off the list (there are nice ways to leave negative reviews, if you’re struggling then just ask me). If you don’t think you’ll finish the book then you just let me know, life happens and sometimes a book just doesn’t grab us, but it does count against you and if you make a habit of it you’re off the list as well.

I’m giving you free books, all you need to do is read it and drop a hundred words about it. It’s really that simple

I already have THREE! books for you to choose from and am busy loading the info of them now. There are still some things to sort out like a form you’ll need to sign just agreeing to the T’s&C’s I mentioned above but I’m tired of being in front of the iMac and I have some bunny doodles to do so I’ll post that up later or Sunday :) (cause tomorrow is my 2 year anniversary!!!)

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    1. For now yes, there will be the occasional paperback coming but only if I don’t have time to review it. As paperbacks are expensive authors are more willing to send out ebooks. Also means no postage costs.

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