Another reason I don’t like people

Tuesday I got to see Harry Potter on the big screen for the first time since it originally came out but this time it was under the stars and an almost full moon in the company of friends and Fysh which made it so much more special. I loved every moment of it and it was great being surrounded by fans who knew all the words just like Fysh and I. It was amazing. I wanted to cry, best experience ever for a potterhead.

But… here’s the thing. When it came time to leave I had to wade my way through empty wine bottles, sweet papers, paper plates and cigaret boxes and it made me feel sick to my stomach that Potter fans could act this way. Or any human being for that matter. Galileo Cinema makes sure there are bins located all over the place for rubbish and yet people are too fucking lazy to walk the few feet to throw away their stuff or to even just pack it back up and take it with them like we did.

It’s absolutely fucking disgusting. If I were the owners of Galileo I’d barricade the place and let no one leave till they’ve cleaned up > probably a good thing I’m not cause they’d probably go out of business thanks to how lazy people are, hats off to the cinema employees and the clean up staff and all their hard work.

Half the attending asses were even too lazy to pick up their blanket and chair and hand it back in. WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK PEOPLE?!

No wonder this world of ours looks like it does. How do we expect to make it a better place, to raise a better generation if the adults can’t do something as simple as clean up after themselves at a movie?!

So hey, the next time you go to the movies, or the park, or even just the bloody parking lot. PICK UP YOUR MESS. Stop throwing shit out the window, stop leaving crap behind. Rubbish is our national flower and that is no one’s fault but our own. We have one planet to live on. Start doing your bit.

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