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Another milestone reached

My “baby” graduated grade R today!

It really blows my mind how quickly time passes us by. It sometimes feels like eons ago that I had him but mostly because my unmedicated years are kinda blank and I mostly only remember things cause of photos or posts I’ve written (yeah, kinda harsh not remember the first two years of your kids life) but at the same time I think back to the moments I do remember, holding this 33 week old 1.7kg crying thing that had to wear special nappies and didn’t fit into prem clothing, and today he stood in front of a whole bunch of people and received a certificate that pretty much confirms he really isn’t a baby anymore.

There’s so much I want to say but I don’t even know where to begin. I’m actually stuck for words on this one and I know I need to write him a letter like I usually do on milestones but I think I need to first let this hit me properly so I can find all the right words. I honestly never would have thought we’d make it this far. There are a lot of people to thank, particularly my mom and dad for all they’ve done from the start and a big one to The Person who actually made sending him to Grade R possible. It’s not a responsibility he was obligated to take on but he did and he’ll never get how much that means to me.

So much love to give tonight. To all of you. Thanks for sticking around with us and always cheering us on xxx


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