About last night – Catherine Alliott

about last night

about last nightThe good reads synopsis really does the summary of this book perfectly; it’s a funny, enthralling and heartwarming story of a woman who gets a second chance in life – but will she have the courage to take it

Molly has moved from London to rural Herefordshire, chasing the Good Life. Swapping the tube for the saddle, she is living the country dream. Except that it isn’t really her dream. It’s her husband David’s. And David is, well, rather dead now and she’s struggling to keep the whole too big for a house but too small for a farm plot going. And the bills that come along with it.

Then a relative of David dies and leaves a London townhouse in her possession. Molly of course considers quitting this Good Life David had planned for them and going back to her actual good life in the city.

BUT there’s a problem… A rather good looking problem in the shape of a man already living in the inherited house. And when a face appears from her past, Molly is more confused than ever.

My opinion? It takes a little getting into but the Alliot’s way with words and descriptions will give you a good giggle so go pour a mug of sprite or whatever it is you prefer, grab some munchies, find a comfortable spot and have an easy read.

You can get your copy from Penguin Random House

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