A trip to the dentist

So according to the oral hygienist this morning kids are supposed to start making trips to the dentist from the moment they have all their milk teeth. I had NO idea. I really didn’t. Did you?

Well when I went to the clinic last year to make an appointment to remove the broken wisdom tooth with an exposed nerve that’s causing me too much pain I asked when the right age is and she asked how old he is then said when I come in for a cleaning today I should bring him along so I did.

He had fun! Yeah… dentist and fun, never thought those two words would be put into a sentence together but apparently that’s another reason they get kids to come in from young, because so many adults are scared. Also it’s common in these ages with all the sugar for younger kids to end up with cavities *insert shocked emoji*

Well I’m proud to say that Fysh has the cleanest and best teeth the oral hygienist has seen for a kid his age. *pats self on back*

She did a fluoride treatments and he got told he’s great and was allowed to choose a toothbrush colour and got toothpaste :)

He’s even asked when he can go again.
(PS, they’re supposed to go every 6 months).

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  1. That’s awesome :) I got a letter from the dentist here to say Asher is on their books… so yeah they take teeth seriously. I need to son out about this dentist of yours…

    1. This is the dentist at the Dunoon Government Clinic. I can’t afford private but in all honesty I haven’t encountered a private dentist that was this great with kids.

  2. I took Mitchell for the first time towards the end of 2016. It’s something I just kept putting off until his dad said he thinks there is a hole in his tooth. So after the first time which was just a cleaning he loved it and was happy to go back again but after the second time which was a filling, not so much!

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