A mom and Fysh day at the waterfront!

We were invited by the V&A Waterfront to a mom and kid day and man oh man did we have a fantastic day! I’m actually not sure which of us had more fun to be honest, but I’m sure Fysh will argue that it was him (and my feet might agree as they are complaining about trying to keep up with him!)

Our day started with lunch at Col’Caccio, I was a little worried because being a vegan eating at any restaurant can be tricky and usually I end up with nothing but salad leaves so wasn’t expecting to eat at a known pizza and pasta place but knew at least Fysh would enjoy it, pizza being one of his favorite foods.

Particularly salami and mozzarella pizza…

I’m seriously happy to report though that they have VEGAN PIZZA’s on the menu! And you want to know what the bonus is? It’s friggin good. They even have a dairy free cheese margherita so if you’re lactose/casein intolerant but you still eat meat you can build your own, ditto if you don’t like the pre-built vegan options :)

In our little bags were a few vouchers to run around and have some fun before the opening of the future park. Fysh squealed when he spotted the Cape Wheel tickets. Every single time we are at the V&A he asks if we can go on it. It’s a little tourist pricey so of course we’ve never gone on. Well okay it’s not really that expensive if you think that you get a great view and go around about 6 times, but it works out to a good few meals for us. His face was priceless so of course the moment lunch was done I had to try keep up with him as he dragged me straight to the wheel with the biggest goofiest smile on his face.

It was overcast so we couldn’t see Table Mountain but that didn’t phase him. He loved looking down at the “ant people” and sat pointing out to all the things. Keeping him still so the thing didn’t rock too much *insert mom’s face going green* was hard. He just wanted to see everything. And the structure was fascinating, pointing out the wheels that help it move and looking at how it’s all made.

There’s a little ‘ice’ rink near the bridge that goes over to the clock tower. It’s made from what looks like a thick perspex because obviously actual ice would melt rather quickly outside, particularly in SA weather. (This isn’t Christmas in New York). Fysh still had a fun time slipping and falling all over the place and enjoyed it so much I think I’ll take him to the ice rink next month.

And then we were off to the big event! The opening of Future Park – well the special opening for us, it officially open to the public on Saturday the 23rd. I didn’t really know what to expect, they’d sent us info and a video (that I didn’t watch) but it was pretty great. There are 2 “live walls” where the kids (and adults) color in themed pages, once colored in they take it to one of the staff who then scan it in and once scanned in it goes up on the wall! But it doesn’t just go up on the wall… it comes to life! Fysh and I colored in sharks and we got to watch them swim across the wall with all the other colored in sea creatures. It was pretty awesome. There’s also a city themed wall where you can scan in your car/helicopter/building. There are three interactive tables that keep the kids rather entertained as well.

My fascination lay with the gods of old wall. Symbols floated down from the top of the wall and when you swipe them they would make all sorts of shapes. You actually felt a bit like one of the old gods. Swipe over the symbols and watch as you create mountains, bring animals to life, grow trees and even change the weather. After a while I had the symbols memorized so while we were waiting for our gifts to be printed I stood creating a whole world.

The only complaint I have about the Future park though is the quality of the mugs for the price of them. They’re great mugs but they don’t even magic erase the background that comes up when you scan in the image so you get this lovely drawing with a rather meh rectangle background. Maybe it’s because they have to make so many of them and I’m just over critical because I have mugs printed often and know it’s not that hard. I still love that I get a mug with Fysh’s shark on and he’s pleased that they gave in to his charms and printed my mermaid on a mug for him even though it wasn’t one of the pre-set drawings.

There is an upstairs as well so don’t forget to head up there when you go, there’s a ball pit with those big yoga balls that have lights in them so when they’re bounced the lights flash and change colors. Way cooler than the ball pits we had as kids! There’s also a genius hopscotch game that looks like you’re jumping on shaped lily pads in a river where when you jump on certain color matches it makes different images and sounds. Of course I jumped it ;)

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