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a little rant about noise sensitivity

This morning I finally got an email from a company I put an order in with days ago confirming that they would deliver “this morning”. So instead of heading out like I’d planned to so that we can go and do some work at the beach and play at the park we stayed home. (Cabin fever is seriously getting me).

At a quarter past two I sent them an email asking when exactly “this morning” they will be delivering as I am heading out to a meeting at five. Their response? “We tried calling several times, please can you forward me an alternative number as the xxx xxx xxx number does not seem to work then I can contact you and arrange delivery as our drivers have already left for the day.”

Now here’s my little rant… WHY THE FUCK DO YOU NEED TO PHONE ME?! You’ve already confirmed you are coming so why for the love of donuts do you need to phone? I don’t like phones. For years I didn’t have one until I won one. Now I have a hand me down 4S from The Person and the only reason I have it is so that I can manage all the social media profiles I run for myself and others and so I can whatsapp. It doesn’t even take calls, if I REALLY need to make a call I have to load airtime on it cause it only has data on and also I have to have the whole conversation on speaker cause the part where you listen from doesn’t work. No one phones me. Not even my parents phone me!

People don’t understand this fact and will insist on phoning despite me telling them I DON’T ANSWER THE PHONE numerous times so now the number I give out is the one associated with my whatsapp. The sim isn’t in my phone so you can’t call it. Mainly cause I need to catch up on payments on that number (being an adult with debt SUCKS) so if you have my actual “able to phone it” number you are one seriously special person and you’ll know to never use it unless you are dead or dying or need help hiding a body.

Am I over-reacting? Yeah maybe seeing as it’s a voucher that was gifted to me. Actually, no I’m fucking not. It’s an issue I have and I wish people would respect that. We are far too quick to simply assume things. Not everyone is okay with everything you are and you need to realise that and account for it. They’re a really lovely company and I suppose I can’t fault them about this but still. It’s got me a little hot under the collar and snappy. If I wasn’t answering my phone or you weren’t getting through (most likely scenario is it didn’t even ring) then maybe find a different way to contact me? Google is really awesome and you can find almost anyone online these days (cept some of the conspiracy hippies I know who shall not be named for their own “safety” and also The Person – who is signed up for everything but uses nothing kept whatsapp and email).

Anyone else feel this way about phones?

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