A glass and a half of generosity

Fysh and I drove out to Canal Walk yesterday to go see what the Cadbury’s little generosity shop is all about. I got an email in my inbox inviting us to come check it out, nothing special, just a PR notice and I liked the idea that we could take a toy to donate so thought eh, we can head through and have a mom/kid mall date and drop off something.

So it turns out… Every item you donate – preloved toys and books – you are given a slab of Cadbury’s as a thanks. Guys… FREE CHOCOLATE. Okay well not really free but as a friend said “no one else gives me chocolate for giving stuff away”.

It’s like Marie Kondo but with a bribe!

All the toys and books are donated to orphanages so instead of that toy sitting in a box or unloved in a cupboard they get a second chance at finding loves and giving joy to another child. It’s kinda got some toy story vibes there…

Fysh is now more motivated to actually sort out the toy boxes I’ve been asking him to sort out for so long. FINALLY. So thanks for that Cadbury ;)

I’ll have to hide the chocolate though, I don’t need him eating that much sugar hahaha.

Until next time…