a giveaway for book lovers

So I’ve been toying with the idea of running a giveaway on my book blog to motivate you to invite your friends who like books to join up to be reviewers because the more reviewers we have the more books we get from authors and I am not a patient person haha.

Then Mel and I decided that maybe this wasn’t a good idea because people might invite people just so they sign up – ghost reviewers – and that’s not cool so I’m going to amend the giveaway a little so that we can have one!

Rules are > You will get a half point for each person that signs up and comments with your name and you’ll get the other half of that point if the person you got to sign up completes a review request > meaning they’ve signed up, requested a book to review and then written the review.

So far I have a little lap blanket I’m busy crocheting for you and I’ll also throw in a signed paperback from one of our featured authors and a mug with some yummy tea and coffee and of course some hershey’s because chocolate duh! This is coming out of my pocket so I’m sorry it’s nothing fancy, maybe when we’ve grown we’ll be able to get some fun sponsors for spot prizes etc.

Giveaway will run till the second Monday in May when I’ll tally up all the points and the winner will be announced here and on the monthly newsletter.

So if you want to help me grow my side project and get deserving authors reviews go and sign up if you haven’t already and get all your friends who want free books to sign up as well!

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