I found these AMAZING lalylala by Lydia Tresselt on Ravelry a while back and have been dying to make them so I’ve decided that I’ll take 3 orders for any which one you decide on, they’re made from organic cotton and made by hand. R650 each and it’ll be couriered to you in time for the big day. But here’s the catch. If you want it in time for the 24/25 then you have to place your order and make payment this week so that by the weekend I’m already tackling the first one.

They are time consuming (at least 3 to 4 days) and the yarn isn’t for nothing which is why the “steep” price incase you’re thinking it’s so unreasonable which sadly I’m told all the time. But if you consider how much a store bought something like this will cost you from some kids place you’ll realise I’m actually shooting myself in the foot.

But it’s a hobby not a job so I’m not here to make millions, just here to make something that can be kept forever and treasured.

These are the available designs. If you’re keen on ordering then please send me a mail to
First paid first booked.


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