A gentle reminder

Hey you, it’s been a while.

I used to write to you all the time so you would remember moments, so that you’d be able to look back on here and be able to relive memories I know you’ve forgotten or stored away somewhere in that massive and cluttered mind palace. Your filing system isn’t the same. You dissociate. It’s why we have this.

Somewhere along the way over the years I stopped writing to help you, to help us. I started writing for others. And it got tedious. The masking got too much and we burnt out. We have up.

But someone sent a photo today of a moment in time that was completely forgotten until you saw it. Coupled with a message to a friend there was a stabbing and painful reminder of how your brain doesn’t hold on to things like that. A reminder of WHY you used to “blog”. And WHY you take so many photos and document it all.

You are different. And it’s okay.
I’m going to remind you.

Much love and caffeinated beverages,
33 year old you.

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