A dropped ice cream sort of day

Have you ever had a day where you’re trying REALLY hard to have a great day but life feels the need to test how real that determination is? 

I had the penguin random house children’s books showcase this afternoon and I was so amped because books and people who like books! 


1) I go to put diesel in my car, check the water etc etc. Yesterday was clinic and a showcase so I’m exhausted. Decide to close my eyes to the price and order an index chocolate coffee at the vida counter in our shell garage shop thing. I oder iced because I can’t handle the taste of filter coffee warm, it makes me nauseous. Anyway, I get my slip and pay for it with the diesel like you’re supposed to then go back to the counter and she hands me a HOT COFFEE. When I point out this is NOT what I ordered she shrugged her shoulders and walked off. Nope I’m not kidding. I can’t drive holding it waiting for it to eventually become iced so good buy cash and caffeine. But at least I helped fuel a petrol attendants caffeine need :) 

2) Then we are supposed to park at the Silos parking at the waterfront because the function is in an office at the clock tower. Clearly the boards that show available spaces are broken. We drive through the evite P2, adorably this is ALL reserved parking so we go out the exit and have to try navigate building chaos back to the parking entrance to go to P3 where hah, we can’t seem to find the parking spaces that are apparently available but a nice bicycle security guards showed me where to park. 

* insert separate post about amazing showcase with fantastic people *

3) We come downstairs after the event and guess what’s on my car… A sticker that says I’m in a wheel cleaning zone and they’ve recorded my details etc. When I point this out to the security guard and ask why he would let me park there if he knew it was a clapping zone he answered “it’s just a warning so you’re fine, don’t do it again” um… Tell me, do they get commission on wheel clamps? 

But they say it’s in 3’s right? So I’m aces. Bring on the rainbow bitches!!! 

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