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A case of the lazies and a little rant

Fysh and i have had one of THE laziest weekends ever I think!

The Person and I decided to give this weekend a skip and have a little “me time” with ourselves (well me with Fysh) so the mini and I spent the entire weekend (bar a few minutes of skateboarding) in bed snuggling watching one movie after the other. Okay so I watched the movies and Fysh watched Stampy on the tablet with headphones (that guys voice gets too much for me).

One of the movies that stood out for me was “Jenny’s wedding” which is about a lesbian couple who decide to get married but Jenny has kept her gayness a secret from her family because she knows they wouldn’t approve. What she has to go through, the hate and shame they show towards her made me so angry. My oldest “brother” (my stepdads nephew) was shunned by his stepdad and mum because he’s gay so Hitler took him in as his own and paid his way through school etc.

I don’t ever want Fysh to think he has to hide who he is from me, if he decides he likes boys instead then so be it, if he wants to rather be a girl or gender neutral then so be that as well, I’ll support him (or her) the whole way. I think it’s disgusting that there are parents and other people out there who make others feel ashamed of who they are and make them feel like they need to hide it.

Same goes for mental health, too many people are ashamed to admit that there is something wrong. DON’T! You’re amazing, you really are. Be you, be all of you.

You don’t have to be everyone else’s version of perfect, not even your own.

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