A boy and his dog/s

​When I moved into my place I decided we needed a dog. Not just because I’m used to always having one but because it was always just Fysh and I alone in a big house in a neighbourhood where we didn’t know anyone. We looked around and asked about and I decided to adopt a border collie from the border collie rescue association out towards Malmesbury. We went through home inspection etc etc and ended up with Joonbug who turned out to be the furthest thing from a protective guard dog ever. She actually tried to climb in through my burglar bars when it was raining one night and fireworks usually had her hiding in a cupboard or under the duvet (only time she was allowed on the bed). 

She was Fysh’s first pet, she was his best friend and confidant. She helped him walk, climbed lionshead with him, cuddled under blankets and chased all the bubbles he blew. And as you know we lost her early last year to what they thought was either poison (they were poisoning dogs in our area) or tick bite fever. 

When she passed away Fysh was absolutely devastated and for days he cried. He still tears up when he thinks of her and every time we drive past the very that put her down (I tend to take an alternative route now). 

He kept asking for a new dog and I kept saying no. It was too soon. It wasn’t the right time. I didn’t have adoption fee and then when we decided to finally look into it we were rejected (because our 6ft vibacrete wall is too low) after he’d already grown attached to the dog we were adopting. So back to no woof. 

Then in August last year a family friend asked him what he wants for his birthday and of course he answered “a dog”.

Well the next day we were off to the border collie rescue association where we originally got Joonbug and looked at 5 or 6 the lovely owner thought would suit us (she remembered us from Joonbug and was as sad to hear she’d passed). Because we are still in the same house they didn’t require a new home inspection so we came home with Xavier the same day. 

Xav is the complete opposite of Joonbug. He’s a short hair tricolour where she was a long haired duo colour. He absolutely loathes the water where she was always in it and he is OBSESSED with playing fetch where she just wanted to eat bubbles. He’s also a lot younger than she was when we got her. 

It’s taken these two a long while to really bond though. I think that even though we thought we were ready for a new dog we probably weren’t really. But over the past two weeks they’ve finally settled together. And it’s been running, jumping, TV watching and barking at each other. 

Tonight I caught them laying on the floor watching YouTube together on the tablet. It was pretty damn adorable. 

I know some people don’t understand the concept of having a pet but personally I think having a dog teaches a kid about loyalty, trust, dedication and responsibility. 

Also the fact that there is nothing out there that will ever love you as much and as unconditionally as your dog and having them has helped dampen the abandonment issues Fysh has so much which makes  all the arguments getting him to pick up the poop worth it. 

Though yes, him and NaNo don’t get along at all but I stand by that it’s cause he’s always traitoring my poor ginger boy. My kid is clearly not a cat person :P

So happy him and Xav are finally bonding xoxo 

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