8 years of being a mother

Yesterday my tiny little prem baby turned EIGHT!
He’s gone from a little 1.7kg sprite to a 35kg unicorn with a mind of his own and the attitude of an 18 year old at times.

I think he’s still a bit affected by everyone bailing on his party last year that this year he didn’t want one, instead he asked for a unicorn cake, a piñata and believe it or not… socks for gym haha. Of course he got more than just socks though but he did get all the things he asked for.

Thanks to the sales of our mini illustration auction I was able to bake him my famous chocolate cake which I decorated like those unicorn cakes that are making the rounds at the moment but instead of meringues which he doesn’t like I went to the factory shop and got a bunch of chocolates for it instead (R30 for 3 Toblerone? R40 for a bag of Hershey’s Kisses? Cheaper than meringues anyway).

It didn’t come out exactly as I had planned and just a psa – spray cream does NOT hold it’s shape in the fridge hahaha. But it was still a success and he loved it which is all that counts really anyway right?

Then M cut out the unicorn piñata, taped it together and filled it with checkers minis that he’s been collecting for a few months. Then we decorated it with all the damn crepe paper hahaha (I’ll post the template and instructions for you tomorrow).

He was thrilled.
In truth he really is a unicorn – a magical and mythical kid who is content with the simple things in life and doesn’t demand big expensive gifts.

I ordered a unicorn blanket from local maker Lila & Belle and then sewed together two flat sheets from MrP to make a plain grey duvet cover to match (we’re giving his room a makeover bit by bit from little kid to a more sophisticated big boy room).

He received a gardening set with planters and herb/veg seeds from The Person so he can get his little garden growing and is helping him with it because the only things I seem to be able to grow are succulents haha.

And granny bought him a weird bug target shooting thing. Not a fan of guns but we did teach him gun control and respect with the Nerf Blaster so at least he knows no shooting/pointing at people or any living things etc.

He’s asked so nicely if we can get him a rat, and I’m putting it off but I will most likely cave in and get it anyway haha. We’ll see though. A few things we need to sort out first before that happens.

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  1. The cake looks gorgeous!
    One of my managers actually has rats and they just had babies recently – if you need a rat, say the word and I’ll check with her!

    1. oh that would be great! I’m actually looking at getting two of the same sex (I don’t want to be a grandma) because I know they’re company keepers and Fysh and I will argue about one hahaha. I have the habitat and wheels and all the things already from my little tenrec that passed away so we’re all set in that sense at least

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