8 weeks of Charlie already! 

I completely forgot to post the 8 week update. Can you believe it. 8 weeks of an illustration a day. I sure as fuck can’t hahaha. Longest ever I’ve stuck to something like this.

It’s been trying here and there. Some days I have absolutely no drive to draw and other days no matter what I presketch it looks crap and I can’t make it work so I have to change it up completely. But then there are days I’m really inspired and adore it. 

They take time though. Each illustration takes me almost 2 hours but we’ve worked it into our routine so I illustrate while Fysh reads and does math. Then I work on what I need to then back to whatever subject he’s interested in (clouds at the moment). 

Don’t forget you can follow @charliefoxtrotillustration on instagram for the daily interruption on your timeline :) 

I hope they bring a smile to your face xoxo

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