4 weeks down. 48 to go

Last year I got a bee in my bonnet and during a manic episode somehow decided that a 365 project would be a fantastic idea. 

I was going to do a drawing every day for the year. At first the idea was to have a theme for the week and do each day as a different style of the art I do. But a few days in I was having so much fun illustrating and finding creative ways to insert Charlie into the drawings that it sort of stuck and #ayearinmysketchbook has become more #ayearofcharliesAdventures hahaha. 
Today might not be the 31st but it does mark the end of week 4 of this project. And I did say I’d do a monthly summary here. But if you’re keen to see Charlie on your timeline daily you can find her on instagram : @charliefoxtrotillustration or on Facebook : Charlie Foxtrot Illustrations 

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