1827 days

1827 days

Today 5 years ago M and I went from friends with benefits who had met online to officially dating (if a facebook relationship status update is what counts as official). Still the funniest story seeing as everyone else knew I was in a relationship before I did. M had changed it thinking FB would ask me permission to accept or whatever but it didn’t. I was at work still so didn’t have access to my phone until I left for home and I had all these notifications and shit saying congrats and I was so confused until a friend on WhatsApp asked when last I was on facebook…

We’ve pitched tents, gotten lost kayaking, broken down on the side of the road a few times, slept in old stables, galloped up mountains and fed newborn lambs. We’ve travelled thousands of km’s together, argued over how to hang washing properly, moved in together, bought a cat, adopted a dog, chased chickens and even survived listeriosis.

And here we are.
5 years later and still weird as fuck.

We still jump over ditches, dance randomly wherever we are be it in the middle of the city, or in a queue, go on adventures, hold hands in public, climb through fences, jump in the ocean, cook together, and have as much nookie as often as possible.

Oh don’t get me wrong, we have our downs. More often than not it’s my fault though, and I don’t mean that in a battered woman syndrome sort of way, I just get very agitated very quickly if things aren’t done in a certain way or if something changes last minute etc. M is patient as fuck though and really does deserve a medal, he’s only ever slammed a door once and it’s beyond me where he gets so much calmness. But at the same time he is my calm as well. He’s taught me a lot about breathing and calming down in situations that agitate me and helps me a lot through social situations etc.

But I think what helps is that we make a point of apologising, even if you’re not the one in the wrong. Sometimes said apologising only happens after a day of ignoring each other giving each other space, but we never go to bed angry.

We might be weird and completely unconventional but eh, he still makes me happy and he accepts Fysh and I for who we are. He is more than I could have ever hoped for. Smelly farts and all :)

Until next time